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The first lesson you need to learn about the site Femjoy is that it is a very exclusive provider of nude-art kind of porn action. You will see some of the most amazing gals on this big planet inside this site. From the site, we learned that they have worked with over 180 different artist/photographers/contributors of material. That is just really incredible! Means you are getting a wide selection of variety. The site is not so much about porn but more about highlighting the beauty of the woman, the sensual artistic grace that beautiful women have. Yes, the material they have inside is erotic as hell, but always done in a manner that is colorful and gracious!

We learned from the site that they have lots of content to offer you, the humble yet excited member! First of all, they do a lot of updates and that means 3 updates daily with videos being added weekly and you get 2 of them. The pictures are the main attraction inside and the site now says they have over 1000 models inside. They have over 313700+ pictures inside and some 400+ videos that you will be so happy with. All this content of pictures/models/movies can be yours when you join. Videos are different forms of HD resolution including 720p and 1080p, which they have added recently. The images, gosh, are high res magnificence that you have to have, and you can use the zip file they provide. The ladies/models that they display inside are super confident in the knowledge that they are exotic, well-shaped, sexy, erotic, bewitching babes who will make members really really really happy!

Those with a sensitive taste and a refined pallet only need to look at the member’s area and know that they are inside a site that understands their needs! People who prefer nude art over hardcore sex sessions want quality filming and exquisite camera work and photography. This site works hard not to disappoint anyone. The thing they did well is invite different photographers to come and add their sense of style and art to the content. Variety after all makes everything taste sweeter, right? The babes they have include small gals, voluptuous rounded babes, next-door kind of gals, models, bombshell exotic beauties, a true mixture to keep things lively!

You have sorting and browsing solutions that can help you locate what you need inside. Sections you will find include updates/ pics/ models/ videos and so on. The site uses servers that are on high gear meaning the downslides don’t take long to materialize. You will have minimal issues using the navigational tools inside. The professionalism they exhibit is like the best in the market. The layout is fine, and so is the general condition of the site.

You need to sit beside a big fan when you enter Femjoy because these guys will heat you up! The nude babes inside, the art they display, the contributors, the erotica material are all things that this site does to perfection.

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